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Physical Computing


Generate electricity from floor tiles.
Arduino / JavaScript / D3.js



Kilowalk is a for-fun side project trying to explore use of kinetic energy from floor tiles to power environmental sensors. Our kinetic energy harvesting flooring converts a portion of the energy of footsteps into usable electricity, while our environmental sensors monitor the surroundings for ambient condition and air quality variations. Deployed at scale, the data in aggregate could be used to reveal the “pulse” of the city at a second-by-second, block-by-block resolution.

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Stitch - Immersive news consumption

With upcoming depth cameras in mobile devices, can we create a more immersive news consumption medium?

Intel / Perceptual Computing SDK / 3D gestures / Publishing / Unity3D


NecX - Using neck as an input method

What if we hack into neural pass of the body which also provides vocal, movement and heart rate information?

Arduino / Signal Processing / EMG sensor / Gesture detection / Machine Learning

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